Child Labour

Dropping Out Of School

December 11 / 2017

 You are about to board a bus and you were taken aback by the young male conductor calling out for passengers. Or you in a private vehicle and a little girl beg you to buy a drink, then you paused and asked ‘why are you not in school?’ The rate at which children are dropping out of school nowadays calls for concern on the part of parents and the general public.Especially the children that lack basic school needs due to the poor economic power of their parent (s) or guardians, resulting to negative impact in terms of these children’s academic performance such as truancy  which causes poor grades.Their consciousness to the incapacity of their parents to provide school fees, books and regular feeding to sustain them in school, expose them unduly to the need to make money which lure some of them into, gambling, hawking, and becoming bus conductors (Agbero)- a quick means to make money on a daily basis.However some parent(s) encourage them to carry out these activities, sometimes to ease the responsibilities which in this case are a burden to the parents, indirectly making these children to be responsible for their selves at such early age.This gives them the independence that pushes them to the next line of action to drop out of school.Furthermore, the child labour in which many children find themselves also accounts for why some drop out of school. If a child lives with other people who consider his or her education a waste of time, definitely such a child could drop out of school to run errands for these guardians.Basically, where there is adequate provision of  jobs for the people by the government and well to do private individuals, parents, especially the poor ones that are willing to give their children quality education, will be financially empowered to do so.   Source: Nigerian Tribune, December 11, 2017

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