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Preventing Maternal And Perinatal Mortality In Referral Hospitals In Nigeria

October 25 / 2017

WHARC hosted a two-day, October 20-21, 2017,  intervention planning workshop on WHO funded project titled “Intervention to Improve the Quality of Emergency Obstetric Care for Preventing Maternal and Perinatal Mortality in Referral Hospitals in Nigeria: A Quasi-Experimental Research Study”.

The workshop was held at WHARC, Benin City. The purpose of the workshop was to finalize the workplan and timeline for implementing the seven intervention activities in the intervention sites

At the end of the second day, work plan, timeline were conclusively developed and duties were assigned to the participants.

The principal investigator, Professor Friday Okonofua appreciated everyone for their cooperation and contribution during the workshop and informed all participants that there are lots of other benefits that would be gained participating in this project.

The next step is to begin the intervention activities as well as continue with others which have already been started.

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