About Us
The women and youth development blog was an idea born out of the passion and love for healthy living, (WHARC) has for the people. The Women’s Health and Action Research Centre, WHARC is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established in 1993. It consists of a multi-disciplinary team of health, social science and legal professionals and researchers working together to build the knowledge base and to improve the policy environment for advancing women’s health in Africa. To date, the Centre has conducted formative and intervention research that documents the socio-cultural determinants of women’s health and that provides critical data for developing policies and programs for scaling up best practices relating to women’s health in the region. In particular, our niche is to use the results of research to build public health awareness and to advocate for policy changes about critical sexual and reproductive health issues in Nigeria. With funding from Ford foundation, WHARC was able to come up with this blog to report trending developmental issues affecting women and youth in a simplified and likeable manner, avail its audience the opportunity to make suggestions, opinion and address issues in the own views. WHARC anticipates a better community of wellness and healthy living with this Blog. Enjoy your stay at our Blog site; do remember your contributions are welcome.